Our Work

The Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD) is responsible for ensuring the University provides an environment for faculty, staff and students that is free from discrimination and harassment on the basis of categories including race, color national origin, gender, age and sexual orientation/identity.

The OPHD Office has the specific responsibility for providing prompt and effective responses to all complaints of sex discrimination or harassment for faculty, staff and students. The Office also responds to concerns from faculty and students regarding other forms of discrimination as covered by University Nondiscrimination policies-- such as, age, religion, national origin, etc.*

The OPHD Office works in collaboration with the system-wide Office of the President, offering both online and in person workshops to fulfill requirements under California State law to provide two hours of sexual harassment prevention education every two years to faculty, managers and supervisors. Further, the Office provides opportunities to staff employees and students, for education regarding issues of discrimination, equity, and the impacts of discrimination and unequal treatment on department and classroom climate.

OPHD Resources and Information Handouts for your reference:

Key University of California Office of the President and Berkeley Campus Policies for your reference:

* The Office of Human Resources handles non-academic staff complaints of discrimination as outlined in personnel policies and contracts. The Academic Compliance and Disability Standards Office handles disability complaints from all faculty, staff and students.

Please note: If you are seeking help for an incident of sexual violence, please go to our central campus website for information on resources and support.

Denise Oldham, Director and Title IX Coordinator, 643-7985
Andrea LaCampagne, Complaint Resolution Officer, 664-7194 
Paula Raffaelli, Complaint Resolution Officer, 664-7267
Elizabeth Rome, Complaint Resolution Officer, 642-6020 
Maria Padilla, Compliance Education Manager, 643-9707
Melanie Hassel, Response Team Coordinator, 664-7265