Complaint Resolution Process

Complaint Resolution Process

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For complaints of any form of discrimination and harassment, OPHD follows the resolution process that is established in the UC systemwide policy and corresponds to campus implementing procedure. These processes are developed so that every case is reviewed and addressed in a consistent way. Our aim is to work with those who bring allegations of misconduct, those who respond to those allegations, and anyone else who contributes information to the fact-gathering process, in a way that is as transparent and respectful as possible for everyone involved. OPHD’s role focuses on delivering a fair and objective resolution process, as opposed to supporting one party over another. Personal advocacy and support resources are available outside of OPHD, and can be utilized throughout a complaint resolution process.

Overview of the process

Once a report has been filed, OPHD will reach out to the Complainant (the impacted person) via email, unless it is indicated in the report that a phone call is best, and invite them to an intake meeting. The outreach message will include information about the Complainant’s resources and options for complaint resolution. 

If the Complainant chooses to participate in an intake meeting, an OPHD staff member will listen and document the Complainant’s concerns and discuss the Complainant's rights, resources, and options, including formal and informal resolution options and available supportive measures

There are many ways Title IX can respond to a report, including providing safety & supportive measures, alternative resolutions, and investigations.

To learn more about these options, visit the following pages: