Appointments at the OPHD office

Directions to the OPHD office

In-person meetings are by appointment only. The Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination is located inside the Banway Building at 2111 Bancroft Way, Suite 300 Berkeley, CA 94720-1120. This part of Bancroft Way is a multi-lane, one-way street heading westbound. The nearest cross streets are Shattuck Avenue and Fulton Street. 

The Banway Lot, a UC Berkeley-owned parking lot, is available on the ground floor of the building. 

Coming from the West (Shattuck Avenue)

If you are coming from the West as a pedestrian, for example from the Downtown Berkeley Bart station, exit onto Shattuck Avenue and head south down Shattuck Avenue for about 2.5 blocks. Turn left (to the East) on Bancroft Way and proceed about halfway up the block to the Banway Building.

Coming from the East (Main Campus) 

If you are coming as a pedestrian from the main campus, for example Sproul Plaza, turn right (to the West) on Bancroft Way and proceed for approximately 3.5 blocks. Please exercise caution at the intersection of Bancroft Way and Fulton Street. When crossing Fulton Street on Bancroft Way, there is first a short crosswalk through a right-turn only lane to a median with curb cutouts. After the median, there is a longer crosswalk through both directions of traffic on Fulton. Once on the other side, proceed about halfway up the block to the Banway Building. 

Construction notice as of February 2023: 

There is construction happening in the building directly next door to the East of the Banway building. If you are coming from the direction of the main campus (East), please be advised that the sidewalk in front of this neighboring building is closed. 

If you are a pedestrian coming to the office during the construction, it is advisable to come from the West side/Shattuck Avenue (please refer to the instructions above). 

Entering the OPHD office

The office is a secured location. Entrance is by appointment only and visitors must be accompanied by staff. Please contact OPHD to make an appointment. 

The front of the building has stairs directly in front of the main entrance doors and a ramp to the right of the main entrance. The main entrance doors are locked at all times and visitors must be let in by authorized staff. In order to access the building, please contact the OPHD staff member with whom you have an appointment and they will come to the main entrance to let you in. You can also call the OPHD main line at (510) 643-7985. 

Once inside, there are elevators on the other side of the lobby directly facing the main entrance doors. You and the staff person will take the elevator to the third floor.