Supportive Measures

The University provides supportive or protective measures, as appropriate and reasonably available, to all undergraduate students, graduate students, staff, faculty, and other academic appointees who experience discrimination or harassment, including sexual violence and sexual harassment (SVSH). 

Experiences of discrimination or harassment can have significant impacts on many dimensions of an individual’s life. Supportive measures can be implemented to provide support; restore or preserve access to educational, employment, or housing opportunities; and deter future prohibited conduct.

OPHD can assist students and employees with supportive measures, whether or not the student or employee chooses not to report or participate in a formal investigation or an alternative resolution. The respondent is not notified when we provide safety & supportive measures for a complainant. Respondents are only notified if there is a formal investigation or alternative resolution. The exception would be for no contact directives, where the respondent must be notified that they may not make contact with the complainant.

Supportive measures can be provided depending on the specific needs of the person and the details of their concern. Examples of supportive and protective measures OPHD can help with include, but are not limited to:

  • No-contact directives

  • Academic adjustments (e.g. excusing absences, issuing Incomplete grades, developing alternative assignments, permitting alternative assignments, and other reasonable adjustments to class sections, exams, tests, projects,deadlines, field trips, and any other required activities) 

  • Changes to on-campus housing

  • Access to temporary housing

  • Changes in work schedule, work station or location, unit or department, or position

  • Change of an advisor or PI

  • Assistance with applying for civil protection order from a court

To discuss and request supportive or protective measures after experiencing discrimination or harassment, please contact the Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination. Requests for supportive measures can also come from a number of campus offices. For more information about requesting supportive measures for anyone who has experienced SVSH, please visit the Academic & Workplace Supportive Measures page of the campus Addressing SVSH hub website and the UC SVSH Policy

If a student or employee encounters issues with their requested accommodation, or the University fails to provide reasonable accommodations to individuals when required by law, please contact OPHD for assistance.

For more information about requesting supportive measures for other types of protected category discrimination or harassment, please refer to the UC Anti-Discrimination Policy

For general information and resources related to accommodations and supportive measures, please visit the Academic Accommodations Hub