Process Flow Charts

OPHD follows resolution process that is established in the UC systemwide policy and corresponds to campus implementing procedure. These processes are developed so that every case is reviewed and addressed in a consistent way. Our aim is to work with those who bring allegations of misconduct, those who respond to those allegations, and anyone else who contributes information to the fact-gathering process, in a way that is as transparent and respectful as possible for everyone involved.

A flowchart depicting the general OPHD process. After a report is made, OPHD will conduct an initial assessment. The case may be closed following initial assessment, or an alternative resolution or formal investigation will be conducted if appropriate

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Please visit the Complaint Resolution Process page for more information and a brief overview of the process. 

Note: This is a generic representation of the complaint resolution process. OPHD follows specific, documented procedures, based on the UC Policy that corresponds to the type of discrimination or harassment alleged. Information on specific complaint resolution processes related to the UC and campus policies and procedures are listed on this page.