Education and Training

Education and Training

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Elena Zhukova

An important part of OPHD’s role in overseeing nondiscrimination policy compliance is to oversee education and training programs required by UC policies or other, external laws or requirements. This oversight role relies on vital collaboration with campus partner offices that provide specialized subject-matter expertise, as well as with the University of California Office of the President.  These partnerships allow us to focus our role on: 

  • Ensuring content aligns with policy, regulation, and law

  • Monitoring required participation, and identifying systemic gaps and collaborating on solutions therein

  • Promoting ongoing campus collaboration among campus partners in utilizing training participation metrics and other campus data gathered to promote initiatives aimed at greater climate and culture change, as opposed to minimal civil rights compliance.

At Berkeley and on every other UC campus, there are required SVSH training and education requirements for students, staff and faculty. Program content is tailored to each audience, and educates our community about sexual violence, including how to prevent it, the role of intervention, and what campus resources are available.