Closure Following Initial Assessment

Not all reports the Title IX Officer receives are reports of Prohibited Conduct that can be resolved through a resolution process. This includes reports for which the Title IX Officer determines that:

  • even if true, the alleged conduct is not Prohibited Conduct as defined by University Policy  
  • the conduct is not covered by University Policy 
  • there is not enough information to carry out a Resolution Process (for example, the identities of the people involved);
  • a Complainant’s request that no investigation occur can be honored
  • there is not enough nexus between the conduct and the University to carry out a Resolution Process (for example, the conduct did not occur in the context of a University program or activity and involved only third parties). 

Where OPHD did not have a basis for proceeding with a resolution, OPHD will do what they can to support impacted individuals; for example, connecting the Complainant with supportive resources, issuing no-contact directives, and/or providing targeted prevention education to individuals or groups.